Pourquoi nous aimons tant Québec City

Why we love Quebec City

Frank & Mai

The main reason we love Quebec City so much is for its warm and friendly people. But before we tell you about our personal experience with Quebec residents, let’s start with why we love the city itself as well.

Its rich history and undeniable charm

Quebec City is the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec and is the oldest city in the country. It was founded in 1608 by French navigator Samuel de Champlain. Old Quebec is its heart and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city sits on a bluff at a narrow point on the St. Laurent River. In fact, the city’s name itself derives from the Indian word kébec, meaning “where the river narrows.”

Quebec City is the most European-looking place in Canada — and perhaps all of North America. La quantité d’architecture française des 18th et 17th siècles encore présente est incroyable. One unique part of Old Quebec is the old city walls that still remain.

A stroll through the streets of Old Quebec will immerse you in more than 400 years of history. You will be charmed by its unique architectural landscape, its European style, its local artisan shops, and its stone houses with multicolored roofs!

Some famous attractions include the Citadelle of Quebec, Château Frontenac, and the Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica-Cathedral.

Finally, people also love Quebec City for its rolling hills and forests, providing a scenic backdrop and many outdoor recreational opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful hike in the woods or a relaxing stroll along the river, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in Quebec City.

Its warm and friendly locals

The people of Quebec City are another reason why people love this city. Known for their friendly and welcoming nature, the residents of Quebec City are proud of their city and are eager to share it with visitors. Whether you’re seeking advice on the best local restaurants or simply looking to strike up a conversation, the people of Quebec City are always willing to help.

As Roamers, we have traveled extensively in France, especially in Paris. Luckily, the Québecois are much nicer than their European counterparts. Once they realize that your French vocabulary requires the help of sign language, they will switch to English. Do not assume however that everybody in Québec can speak English well, though they will make the effort.

When we moved into our loft in Quebec city in search of a new experience, we had a little bit of a culture shock. That’s how friendly the people are. The cashier at the grocery store will not (never) just scan your groceries. He/she will very genuinely strike up a conversation with you.

One time, we bought fish and our cashier literally stopped everything to tell us about how this type of fish is what her father would catch in Gaspésie (a peninsula along the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River known for its quaint fishing villages), how he would prepare it and how it brought back childhood memories for her. It didn’t matter that there were people waiting in line to pay. It never does. The human side is always more important.

She and another cashier from that same store are in fact so friendly, we have become attached to them. As we are Roaming in Portugal at the time of writing this article, we wonder how they are doing and hope they are healthy and happy.

That’s what the people are like in Quebec City.

(We even shared dessert with a couple we had just met at a restaurant…maybe we can save that for another article!)

Feeling charmed by the idea of Roaming Québec City? Quebec City is the oldest city in Canada. Its Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site recognized for its well-preserved architectural heritage and its European-style urban landscape. The Old Town is characterized by its narrow, winding streets, stone buildings, and historical landmarks, and is a popular tourist destination for its beautiful architecture and scenic views. Quebec is a safe and welcoming city with several charming neighbourhoods, where you will be greeted with a smile and genuine conversation. You can rent our apartments in Quebec city – click here to see availability.

Its safety despite being a “big city”

Of course, one of your main concerns when Roaming will be safety. While you want to live new experiences and explore new places, you also want to live to tell your loved ones about them, right?

Despite being the second largest city in the province of Quebec (after Montreal), Quebec City doesn’t really have that big city feel. It is considered a safe place and has one of the lowest crime rates in North America. It has even been named the safest city in Canada to raise children.

However, as with any urban area, it is always recommended to take necessary precautions and stay aware of your surroundings, especially when exploring new neighborhoods.

Quebec is more than a city, it is a living environment where you can find your place and flourish. Becoming a Roamer and leaving your usual environment to discover a new land of welcome is a life project and it is not easy. Choosing a healthy and safe environment where you can find a sense of belonging and connection becomes a priority.

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