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Midterm rentals: Your answer to the call for flexibility

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Have you ever considered diving into the exciting world of a temporary stay abroad? If you are a student from overseas, a professional looking for adventure, or a nomadic worker in perpetual motion, then you are in the right place!

At Roamers, we understand this aspiration, and we invite you to come and live the experience in our beautiful Quebec City and stay in one of our apartments.

Midterm rentals are much more than just a roof over your head. It’s an unparalleled life experience, your answer to the call for flexibility and ease. It is a way of life that is taking off all over the planet. Imagine a world where long-term rental contracts no longer hold you back.

It’s time to free yourself from constraints and discover the many advantages of midterm renting. Discover our fully furnished and all-inclusive apartments, ready to welcome you and your suitcase for a minimum period of 31 days.

In this article, we will explore why this hosting solution is just perfect!

Who can benefit from midterm rentals?

Midterm rental of fully equipped apartments offers the flexibility you are looking for, whether you are an exchange student or looking for a temporary nest for a session, a worker on a business trip or a digital nomad changing destinations at will.

It is also a winning solution for vacationers who can take advantage of a wide variety of all-inclusive apartments, allowing them to find housing that perfectly suits their needs.

It is also aimed at owners who have the imperative need to relocate due to the rapid sale of their house, or who are dealing with a disaster. It allows them to find accommodation easily and quickly.

Midterm rentals prove to be a versatile accommodation option that meets the diverse needs of a wide range of people.

To experience it is to adopt it!

An alternative to traditional hotels

Midterm rental offers you many advantages compared to hotel accommodation. Financially, it is so much more affordable, especially for extended stays. It will allow you to make significant savings.

You can choose from a variety of apartments to rent, according to your preferences, offering you a new experience with each stay.

The ability to cook your own meals is another major advantage. This will allow you to save on the considerable costs of catering, or simply when you are feeling cozy, and going out is the last option!

Just like in a hotel, we are always available and attentive, ready to respond quickly to your needs. Whether it be for housing questions, local recommendations or unforeseen problems, Roamers are here to offer you personalized assistance at all times.

The undeniable advantages VS a lease

If you opt for a temporary rental rather than a 12-month lease, you will benefit from many advantages. You will have access to a fully equipped, furnished, heated apartment with an Internet connection. No need to bother with bills every month!

Imagine yourself in a perfect turnkey apartment. Everything is ready for your arrival, from the furniture to the household appliances. All you need to bring are your personal belongings, which allows you to start your stay without hassle.

In addition, no more tedious credit inquiries. You will not be bound by a restrictive one-year lease, which gives you significant flexibility. You will have no long-term commitment and you will avoid the complications linked to the early termination of a lease.

And, you will benefit from a different experience by opting for new horizons according to your desires. The adventure is yours. Long live your freedom!

Discover our fully equipped apartments for rent in Quebec!

Furbished apartment for rent in Quebec city

The art of living like a local

Want to feel like a real local during your stay in Quebec? With Roamers midterm rentals, it’s as if you were at home, thanks to fully equipped apartments, decorated and furnished with the sole aim of providing you with comfort and well-being.

You will be delighted to discover that our apartments are all ideally located. They are close to all essential services, lively restaurants, friendly bars, fascinating museums and fun activities.

Imagine exploring new neighborhoods and unearthing the hidden treasures of the area where you will settle temporarily. Soak up the local atmosphere by having a drink on a picturesque terrace in Old Quebec or by strolling nearby in the vast Plains of Abraham.

Take advantage of this experience to fully immerse yourself in the life of our national capital, and discover everything it has to offer!

Travel without worries

To ensure your stay is truly worry-free, it is essential to take certain precautions and follow some sound advice. Make the most of your temporary stay and enjoy a hassle-free trip to Quebec, thanks to these recommendations:

● Do your research

Before booking your midterm rental, do thorough research on the destination and accommodation. Read reviews from previous travelers to make sure the place really meets your expectations.

● Get in touch with the host

Don’t hesitate to ask the host some questions before booking. Clarify details such as cancellation policies, check-in and check-out times, and make sure they are available to resolve any issues that arise.

● Check the inclusions

Check if the accommodation has all the necessary amenities to make your stay comfortable. This might include an equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi, or basic toiletries.

● Enjoy the local experience

We can never say it enough, all the magic lies in exploring your new temporary living environment. Taste the local cuisine, meet the residents, and discover the less touristy attractions for an authentic experience!

All things considered, midterm rentals are much more than just a housing option. They are a response to the evolution of our modern lifestyle, where flexibility and simplicity have become priorities.

They offer invaluable benefits. They allow you to live without ties, to choose your destination with freedom, and to enjoy a fully equipped space.

Forget the hassle of year-round rentals, rigid commitments, and stressful moves. With midterm rentals, you can live where you want, when you want, and enjoy a home ready to welcome you as soon as you walk through the door.

So, the next time you are wondering where to put down your suitcases, don’t forget that this type of accommodation is there to enrich your life experience.

Get ready to discover Roamers, where every apartment is an adventure, every stay an opportunity, and every day a new story to tell.

Ready to take the plunge? Come see us in Quebec City!

Our apartments are waiting for you.

Special thanks to our collaborator Lisa-Marie Paquin for this great article 🙂

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