3 cafés incontournables d'où travailler en ligne à Québec City

3 must-see cafes from which to work online in Quebec City

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Looking for your next destination to combine remote work and travel? Who says autumn says change of scenery. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the mobility offered by working online! Cafes, with their warm atmosphere, are perfect places to warm up while staying connected.

In Quebec, the arrival of cooler weather is the perfect opportunity to explore the city’s cafes, which are transformed into welcoming and inspiring remote working spaces.

“Cafes are like a second office, where each cup of coffee is a new idea brought to life. »

Get ready to explore new professional horizons while enjoying the comforting atmosphere that only the fall season can offer.

In this article, Roamers invites you to discover 3 must-see cafes in our favorite neighborhoods in Quebec. They are perfect for immersing yourself in study or work during your stay, whether for a few hours or the entire day!

All you need is a good Internet connection, and presto!

The advantages of “café-style” remote work

  • Change of scenery: Cafes have a different feel from your home or office, and a change of scenery always feels good. The result? Better creativity and productivity.
  • Discover new atmospheres: Cafes have a warm atmosphere, with soft music and the scent of fresh coffee, they offer you a setting conducive to work that differs from one café to another.
  • Avoid distractions: Working at home can be disrupted by distractions while a coffee shop provides you with a more focused space an environment.
  • Break the solitude: Cafes allow you to break the solo routine by offering you the opportunity to interact with other students or remote workers.
  • Enjoy Internet access: Most coffee shops offer reliable Wi-Fi, making them a great place to work online without hassle.
  • Enjoy various drinks and snacks: you will have a wide choice of drinks and snacks to sustain you throughout the day. Yum!
  • Reduce your stress: The relaxed and calming ambiance of a café can reduce work-related stress.

Have we convinced you?

Read on to discover our 3 best cafes for remote work in Quebec. Whether you are on a business trip, studying abroad, or a digital nomad traveling the planet, you will certainly appreciate these environments conducive to remote work.

Our caffeinated crushes

La maison Smith (Limoilou)

📍201, 3rd Avenue, Québec

Located in the heart of Limoilou and part of a well-established chain of 9 branches in Quebec, Café La Maison Smith is much more than just a café. It’s a true gem for coffee lovers. Their commitment to responsible and 100% Quebecois roasting results in exceptional coffee quality.

An ideal place for studying or remote work! In addition, discover its coworking spaces, allowing you to work in silence or meet your colleagues or clients while enjoying an impressive selection of hot and cold drinks. Coffees, teas, smoothies or hot chocolates: There is something for everyone!

For those who prefer to relax, La Maison Smith offers a variety of microbrewery beers, wines and cocktails, with or without alcohol. There is also a happy hour every day, allowing you to enjoy it all at a good price!

La Maison Smith offers you a selection of baked goods, pastries, sandwiches and salads or even treat yourself to seasonal soups and snacks to last you all day. The sweet potato fries are a must.

In addition, they are committed to finding the coffee that perfectly matches your taste preferences, guaranteeing you a personalized caffeinated experience. If you want to learn more, the café also offers classes, ranging from an introduction to world coffees to the art of the latte.

Without wanting to bias your decision or your discoveries, La Maison Smith is our biggest crush for both working and relaxing!

Enjoy this coffee oasis that is guaranteed to satisfy all your senses!

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Le Maelstrøm (St-Roch)

📍181 Rue Saint-Vallier E, Québec

The Maelström is a true haven of creativity and flavors in the dynamic Saint-Roch district. This establishment with its unique decor offers a warm experience that will appeal to lovers of coffee, cocktails, beer and wine.

In addition to being a landmark for remote workers, this café-bar is transformed into a place of exhibitions and shows, offering a rich and diverse cultural palette. With late closing until 1:00 AM some evenings, it’s the ideal place to relax after a long day of work!

The comforting atmosphere is distinctive, combining warm woodwork, brick walls and eclectic decoration to create a visually rich space.

Maelström also stands out for its specialty of cold brewed coffees, while offering regional and local Quebec cuisine, perfect to satisfy your taste buds.

It’s the perfect place to combine remote work with a memorable gastronomic and cultural experience.

Ma Station Café (Saint-Sauveur)

📍161 Rue Saint-Vallier O, Québec

Ma Station Café, located in the Saint-Sauveur district, emanates a European charm that will seduce you at first sight. This café, just like its friendly owners, exudes conviviality and authenticity.

Its inspiring decor is a treat for art lovers. It regularly hosts exhibitions by local emerging artists creating a vibrant gallery in the very heart of the café.

The soul of Ma Station Café also lies in its cultural programming. Improvised musical sessions and artistic events bring this place to life, making it a true creative space. The recovered piano, open to all, becomes an instrument of expression for passing musicians and regulars.

It is the perfect place to work, but also to relax, socialize and exchange in a booming neighborhood. Ma Station Café embodies the essence of Saint-Sauveur, where art, music, good food and friendship come together to offer a memorable experience to its visitors.

My Station Café will quickly become YOUR coffee station!

Are these spaces calling you?

Reinvent your work routine and take advantage of the mobility of remote work. After all, what’s better than savoring your work, one cup at a time?

The clicking of keyboards, the sweet scent of freshly brewed coffee, and the calming ambiance do wonders for inspiration.

Roamers invites you to come and live this caffeinated experience in our beautiful city. Entrust us with your accommodation so that you can concentrate on your work and your adventures in Quebec (because there is more to life than work!).

By staying in one of our apartments, you’ll have the opportunity to experience local life while enjoying the incredible diversity of places to work online.

Come see us and plan your trip! We are waiting for you in one of our unique temporary rental apartments, ready to welcome you in comfort and style.

Special thanks to our collaborator Lisa-Marie Paquin for this great article 🙂

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