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Quebec City in winter: Your must-do activities bucket list!

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Ah, Quebec City in the winter… A true postcard! The city dons its white coat, revealing a picturesque tableau worthy of a painting.

Are you craving an exceptional visual and sensory experience? In Quebec, the cold is not just a temperature but an entire atmosphere—an invitation to discover the unique joys of winter in such a warm city.

Quebec offers more than just snowy landscapes. A multitude of activities, unique experiences and encounters with its incredibly welcoming inhabitants await you. .

Get ready to explore Roamers’  Quebec in winter bucket list. We’ve curated the must-do activities in Quebec City during the cold season.

Without a doubt, the enchantment of winter in the national capital deserves to be experienced at least once in your lifetime!

Explore its snowy neighborhoods

In winter, each neighborhood in Quebec possesses that little something unique, its own style. There’s something particularly delightful about strolling through the historic streets of Quebec in winter, warmly bundled. One could spend hours contemplating the architecture of its buildings and feeling the history that emanates from them.

Discover the magic of Old Quebec, where the Petit Champlain district adorns itself in its sublime winter attire. Every street corner seems to tell a story frozen in time. Let yourself be carried away by the charm of picturesque shops and delight your taste buds in cozy restaurants. Petit Champlain offers a breathtaking view of the majestic Chateau Frontenac, an iconic symbol of the city.

Saint-Jean Baptiste, with its ice rink in the heart of Place d’Youville, becomes the essential place where the festive spirit of the winter season comes to life. Whether you’re putting on your skates to glide on the ice or enjoying the lively atmosphere created by the crowd and music, the rink is a friendly meeting point for families and a delightfully romantic spot for lovers.

Saint-Roch, formerly a working-class neighborhood, has been tastefully revitalized. It’s a great place to go out for drinks, food, and leisurely strolls. Today, it boasts numerous shops, bars, and restaurants to explore! This Lower Town neighborhood has earned its place as the trendy epicenter of the city’s cultural and gastronomic scene. The lively streets are filled with cafes with a bohemian atmosphere, creative boutiques, and nightlife establishments, giving Saint-Roch a vibrant energy and a friendly ambiance.

With its distinctive welcome, each neighborhood has something exceptional to offer. It’s up to you to discover it!

Participate in the Quebec Winter Carnival

Immerse yourself in the heart of Quebec’s winter by participating in the legendary Quebec Winter Carnival! Here, when winter makes its presence felt, it’s a signal to prepare for a festive adventure that combines history, lively atmosphere, and traditions.

Every year, the Quebec Winter Carnival attracts visitors from around the world with its array of original activities and must-not-miss festive events. Ice sculpting, winter sports competitions, tobogganing, gastronomic zones, parades of floats, and more. Come meet Bonhomme Carnaval and admire his ice castle! As the official representative of the Quebec Winter Carnival, he embodies the joy of life of the Quebecois with his immaculate white outfit, red tuque, and iconic sash associated with French-Canadians.

Prepare to experience winter in Quebec in an authentic and festive way, and discover the magic of the Carnival!

Relax at the spa

Craving an escape after a lively day? Near Champlain Promenade, a relaxation oasis awaits you. Bordered by the St. Lawrence River, Strøm Nordic Spa, a true haven of peace, invites you to recharge in an enchanting setting.

Featuring an infinity pool for contemplating the river, the largest floating pool in North America, a steam bath made of marble, and comforting saunas, Strøm Spa is truly worth experiencing during your stay in Quebec!

Another beautiful way to enjoy the Quebec winter! A unique sensory experience, an escape in a cocoon of well-being and warmth… What more could you ask for?

Escape to its surrounding nature

Renowned for its vast surrounding lush nature, Quebec has a canvas of enchanting landscapes nearby. Its national parks offer winding trails, panoramic views, and captivating wildlife. A truly immersive experience in the heart of Quebec’s wild nature.

Mount Wright, with its summit offering a breathtaking view, invites you to an unforgettable mountain hike, while the Jacques Cartier Valley reveals hilly landscapes and crystalline rivers.

Montmorency Falls, tall and imposing, offers a unique sensory experience where the roar of the water blends with the spectacular beauty of the surroundings. It is the highest waterfall in Quebec, surpassing the famous Niagara Falls by 30 meters! The park surrounding it offers trails, viewpoints, a suspension bridge, and a zip line to admire the falls from different angles.

Tempted by this call of nature? In Quebec, natural treasures are within reach and waiting for you.

Discover Québec in winter sports

Looking for more intense adventures? Explore winter through a range of exciting winter sports that liven up the region around Quebec City.

Strap on your snowshoes for an immersive exploration of snow-covered trails, revealing immaculate panoramas in the heart of nature. For downhill skiing enthusiasts, the snow-covered slopes of the surrounding mountains offer an unparalleled experience. If you prefer the gentle glide, opt for cross-country skiing, allowing you to peacefully connect with the snowy landscapes.

For an adrenaline rush, snowmobiling invites you to thrilling excursions through specially designed trails. Skating on frozen lakes or outdoor rinks offers a classic and friendly experience, while sliding down snowy hills adds a playful touch to the winter season.

Whether you’re seeking intense excitement or outdoor fun, the Quebec region offers a variety of winter sports suitable for adventurers of all levels.

Get ready to dive into the excitement of Quebec’s winter!

Contemplating the dancing snowflakes in the fresh air becomes a magical and comforting experience in Quebec, a city where cold surprisingly rhymes with warmth.

Fully enjoying a day outdoors in the cold and concluding it with a delicious cup of coffee or hot chocolate is pure bliss!

Quebec City awaits you, ready to envelop you in its winter magic and offer unforgettable memories.

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