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Studying in Quebec City: THE ultimate guide!

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Craving an unforgettable educational experience? Have you ever considered studying in Québec City? Dreaming of exploring new horizons, enriching your cultural knowledge, and giving your studies a new dimension? Well, this article is tailor-made for you!

If you aspire to a destination that blends quality education with an outstanding cultural experience, look no further. Here’s your gateway to studying in Quebec City, where each course opens a window to a vibrant city steeped in history and opportunities.

Several programs dedicated to international students offer the perfect balance between quality education and an unforgettable immersion in the dynamic culture of Quebec City.

“Studying abroad is not just an investment in education but also an immersion in cultural diversity, a journey that sculpts the mind and broadens horizons.”

Ready to dive into an exhilarating educational adventure? Explore Roamers’ ultimate guide for successful studies through this article!

Educational institutions welcoming international students

Studying abroad opens the door to a myriad of benefits, as enriching as they are unforgettable. First, this experience promotes deep cultural immersion, allowing students to discover new perspectives, traditions, and ways of life.

This cultural diversity expands intellectual and personal horizons, providing an education beyond textbooks. International experience is a major asset in the job market, showcasing the ability to adapt and work in a global context.

Studying in Quebec is not just an investment in your education but also an adventure that will forge lasting memories and prepare you for a promising future.

Quebec City boasts several institutions offering educational programs for international students. Explore the diversity of academic programs designed to meet the needs of students worldwide.

Discover the renowned institutions opening their doors to you here.

Laval University

Join the hundreds of students who embark on a journey to Laval University each year!

Whether you aim for a student exchange, an internship, a dual-degree program at the master’s level, or joint supervision at the doctoral level, several programs are available to you.

Student exchanges are mobility stays of one or two semesters that allow you to enrich your academic journey by offering the opportunity to take courses at another university as part of your education.

It is also possible to maintain a connection with your home university while obtaining a master’s or doctoral degree from Laval University.

Different agreements allow students to obtain a dual-degree by completing part of their studies at their home institution and the second part of their curriculum at Laval University. The pathways offered in this framework vary according to the signed agreements.

Curious? For more information, check out Laval University’s mobility programs for foreign students.

College institutions

Quebec also houses several public and private college institutions that welcome international students. Discover the types of programs offered to meet your academic aspirations below:

  • Attestation of Collegial Studies (ACS)
  • Technical DEC
  • Pre-university DEC

Public colleges (CEGEPs)

Private colleges

Whether you aspire to in-depth technical training or pre-university preparation, these colleges offer an extensive range of programs to nurture your passion and prepare you for a promising future. You may also consider working as a student to gain professional experience while pursuing your education.
Have you thought about the possibility of staying in Canada after obtaining your diploma? It’s possible through the post-graduate work permit application. This will allow you to apply your acquired knowledge and gain professional experience within the Canadian job market.

The current labor shortage in Quebec creates unique opportunities, facilitating job searches and offering promising prospects for those who wish to settle, work, and make a living here.

Moreover, starting in 2023, the Quebec government will exempt international students outside of Montreal from excess tuition fees, aligning them with Quebec student rates (approximately $200 per college session and $3000 per university session). This measure aims to attract foreign students to regions to address the labor shortage and regionalize immigration, covering about forty in-demand programs.

Explore the possibilities and find the institution and program that suits you!

Steps to studying in Quebec City

When considering pursuing your studies in Quebec, you must take into account two essential elements: the study permit and tuition fees.

The study permit is a crucial step for international students, authorizing you to study legally in Canada. You can check here for all the necessary information for your study permit application.

As for tuition fees, they may vary from one institution to another, depending on the chosen program. Each institution may have different rates based on the nature of the courses and associated additional benefits. We recommend getting well-informed about these aspects via the educational institution that interests you, to judiciously plan your studies and make the most of your educational experience in Quebec.

Quebec: its Charm, its cost

Quebec City is renowned for its picturesque streets, historical architecture, and warm atmosphere. Besides its rich heritage, the quality of life in Quebec is exceptional. Residents enjoy easy access to public transportation, green spaces, a dynamic cultural scene, and a welcoming community.

In Quebec, you’ll find an environment conducive to happiness and personal growth. The city offers plenty of opportunities to enrich your daily life and cultivate true joie de vivre.

The cost of living is more affordable than in some major cities. To plan your studies here effectively, use the Numbeo tool, allowing you to compare the cost of living relative to your current residence. It’s a practical tool to adjust your budget and make informed decisions before immersing yourself in this unique experience.

Find Temporary Accommodation

Temporary housing emerges as the ideal solution for international students seeking practical and flexible accommodation. This option allows you to settle in quickly without committing to a long-term lease and facilitates your integration into the local life of the city.

Also, with temporary housing, you’ll have access to a fully equipped apartment, furnished, heated, and equipped with an internet connection. No need to hassle with monthly bills! Everything will be ready for your arrival, from furniture to appliances. You just need to bring your personal belongings, allowing you to start your stay with us without any hassle.

Feeling intrigued by this possibility? Roamers invites you to discover all the advantages of choosing temporary accommodation during your stay in Quebec by consulting this article :

Midterm rentals: Your answer to the call for flexibility — Roamers 

So, are you ready for this adventure?

Roamers opens the doors to our beautiful city for an academic experience that meets your expectations. Choose one of our fully equipped apartments and dive into local life. Our apartments will allow you to seamlessly blend studies and immersion.

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure! Come and experience all the richness of Quebec City. Plan your stay with us and discover student life in our beautiful national capital.

Our temporary rental apartments are waiting for you, ready to welcome you throughout your studies.

Your new student life begins here!

Welcome to our home, welcome to Quebec City!

Special thanks to our collaborator Lisa-Marie Paquin for this great article 🙂

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